Our annual Club Champs tournament is a bit more competitive than our usual club nights, and is a great chance to test your skills against your fellow club members and win some sweet prizes!

See the FAQ below for more info and if you have any questions drop us an email at committee@badmintoncanterbury.com or ask David/Henry at a club night.

2023 Club Champs Details :

Date : Sunday 15th October
Time : 12pm – 5pm
Location : Badminton Hall (Badminton Canterbury), 220 Pages Road, Wainoni
Google Maps link : https://goo.gl/maps/DEv2p6JXMeH4KAwPA
Entry fee : $10 per player

Frequently asked questions :

Who is eligible to enter?
Entry is open to current (2023 season) members and regular casuals.
For casuals, you need to have played with us at least four times in the last three months.

Do I need to be super talented to enter?
No, not at all! All members and regular casuals are encouraged to attend.
Depending on numbers we will probably run multiple grades.

What grades will we play?
We’ll be playing both doubles and singles grades, in a double round robin format.
The number of grades we run will depend on how many folks attend (if we have enough players we might run two grades of doubles, and possibly two grades of singles).

Do I need to register?
No, you do not need to register beforehand, just turn up on the day.

Who will I play doubles games with?
If you have a preferred doubles partner let us know when you arrive, otherwise we will pair you up with a similarly skilled partner.

Do I have to play singles?
No, singles is optional. We will play the doubles games first and then if you want to play singles you can stay on.

Do I need special non-marking shoes?
Nope, non-marking shoes are not required.
Your trainers, running shoes or even sneakers will be fine.

What time do I need to be there (what if I am running late?)
We will play a few warm-up games while we sort out the grades but we need you to be there by 12.15pm if you want to compete.

Can I bring spectators?
Absolutely, there is plenty of room for friends and family to come along to spectate.

Will shuttlecocks be provided?
Yes, feather shuttlecocks are provided.

Will there be umpires?
Yes, you may be asked to umpire/score games if you are not currently playing.
This is just to make it a bit easier for players to focus on the game instead of on the score.

How are the games set up?
We use software called Kickertool to set up the games in a double round-robin format.
Each grade will involve a number of rounds so you will play a game against all of the other pairs/individuals in your grade.
The scores for each game are recorded and pairs/individuals are then ranked by the software according to number of wins/losses, and points.
After every pair/individual has played every other pair/individual twice (time permitting) then the highest score wins that grade. If there is a tie in score there will be a final match to determine the winner.

Anything else I need to know?
Yeah – complimentary drinks and refreshments will be provided to keep your energy levels up during the day!

What if I have other questions?
Just pop us an email at committee@fendaltonbadminton.org.nz